The Village of Stirling’s population has increased by 39% since the year 2006, reaching 1,215 residents in 2015. Stirling School plays a crucial role in the vitality of our growing community. We develop good citizens, build holistic individuals, and shape future leaders… so much more than merely educating students. Stirling School was last updated over 30 years ago and is in vital need of modernization as well as expansion to serve the requirements of our growing community. A state-of-the-art music/drama theatre, a new science lab, flexible Career and Technology Studies (CTS) classrooms, a vibrant art room, a contemporary sound recording studio, community weight room, and a new gymnasium not only puts the students at the heart of learning, but also makes the school more civically robust while serving as an educational, cultural, artistic, and athletic centre. This modernization will provide an enhanced learning opportunity for our young people and the community as a whole. Through this modernization, Stirling School will continue to provide strong educational programs by teaching our students with the most current, research-based, instructional strategies in an environment consistent with 21st century ideals. These critical improvements will elevate the economic, social, and cultural strength of our entire community. There is no question that improving and expanding our school is the community’s highest priority and one that will not only have an impact on our citizens but also shape the region. The modernization is budgeted at $15 million, with 93% of the funds having been pledged through Alberta Education and Westwind School Division. The Community of Stirling has accepted the challenge to raise the remaining $1 million. “Tradition of Excellence – Building For Our Future” is our campaign to secure our share of the needed funds to transform our school and community with this amazing opportunity.

Moving forward together

Stirling School is recognized provincially as a school that produces students with top marks and continues to be a leader in guiding students to success. Stirling School views the individual as more than a student. Through its dedicated staff and quality programs, the school develops good citizens, builds well-rounded individuals, and shapes future leaders. The Tradition of Excellence continues from when many of our residents attended Stirling School. Alumni are a source of pride for the Stirling School as respected and successful citizens; bringing honour and recognition to the school as well as the Village of Stirling. Stirling School’s educational foundation has played an important role in their success,­ and we will strive to continue this Tradition of Excellence by Building For Our Future.

Stirling Historical Society Makes $5000 Donation

After a recent call from the School Modernization Fundraising Committee to local service clubs and organizations the Stirling Historical Society makes a $5000 donation.  While the Society acknologes that their role is to preserve the past they wanted to be part of something that will be really important to Stirling’s future.  See the whole story at this link:

Is your service group or are you interested in donating?  Contact the Village Office for more information  403-756-3379.

Phase I Nearing Completion

Construction of the new gym nears completion.  The School is hoping to play final games of the season in the new facility.  Work is progressing and completions is now only weeks away.

Fundraising is now in full swing.